Stats and more stats

Here at Gratis we love statistics!  So we thought we would share some with you.

In the past seven days:-

  • The Gratis Jobs website received 41,063 hits
  • The most applications for a vacancy on Gratis Jobs was 1,277 (Signaller with Network Rail)
  • 87{97b6d28969d2ac9cb32f15d27df0341c51d7d104b0a4c5f18fa7e96e6b0850a0} of visitors to Gratis Jobs accessed our site via a mobile device
  • Our Facebook Group, Norwich Job Vacancies, received 50,181 hits
  • Our Facebook Group, Norfolk Job Vacancies, received 38,465 hits
  • 62.4{97b6d28969d2ac9cb32f15d27df0341c51d7d104b0a4c5f18fa7e96e6b0850a0} of visitors were women
  • Wednesday, 13th September 2017, was our busiest day

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