Gratis began back in 2015 placing job vacancies on social media channels for the benefit of local people. It was a free service – hence the name Gratis.

Before too long we established Norwich Job Vacancies on the Facebook platform and it quickly grew to many thousands of Members. Updated regularly, Norwich Job Vacancies was accessible and easy to navigate. After a while we began to realise that the Group offered local companies an effective recruitment mechanism and that they were prepared to pay for it.

Other Groups followed and we determined to establish our own recruitment website, Gratis Jobs.  Today, our social media channels drive traffic to Gratis Jobs enabling a much larger audience than would be possible as a stand-alone website. 

We’re expanding rapidly so whether you are looking for a new job, looking to advertise a job, or are interested in joining us as a Partner please do get in touch

Our Vision

To be a national jobs board offering excellence at every level.

Our Mission

To offer traditional job advertising on a 21st Century platform; simple to use and highly effective. 

Our Values

Gratis began by delivering free content and that desire to help others remains.  We are driven to provide the very best service and competitive rates without compromise.  At Gratis we believe in partnership and that the very best success is that which is shared.