Whether you are looking for assistance with posting a job, applying for a role advertised or you wish to get involved with Gratis Jobs, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details below.

Gratis Jobs

Head Office / Norfolk

Gary Barnes (Managing Director) headoffice@gratisjobs.com

Laura Gilliam (New Business Development Manager) laura@gratisjobs.com

Suffolk – Chantel Adcock (Director) chantel@gratisjobs.com

Cambridge – please contact headoffice@gratisjobs.com

Peterborough – please contact chantel@gratisjobs.com

Wisbech – Liliana Ursu (Director) wisbech@gratisjobs.com

Northampton – please contact laura@gratisjobs.com

Milton Keynes – Chris Price (Director) miltonkeynes@gratisjobs.com

Essex – please contact headoffice@gratisjobs.com

Kent – David Norris (Director) david@gratisjobs.com

South-east London – please contact david@gratisjobs.com

Surrey – Miles Nairn (Director) miles@gratisjobs.com

Portsmouth – Nicholas Sharratt (Director) portsmouth@gratisjobs.com

Southampton – Trishyah Mathe (Director) southampton@gratisjobs.com

Inverness – Mark Pinder (Director) inverness@gratisjobs.com


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