Van Driver/Storeman

Van Driver /Storeman
We are looking for a responsible Delivery Driver and Store man to join a well-established professional cleaning company in Harlow, Essex. Your role as a Delivery Driver and Store man is to distribute products promptly to our customers, collect orders from suppliers and keep our storeroom organised.
Part time / Permanent
Monday- 8.00 to 17.00 (including one hour lunch break)- store day
Wednesday 5.00 to 14.00 (including one hour lunch break)- delivery day
Thursday 5.00-14.00 (including one hour lunch break)- delivery day
Key duties and responsibilities:
* Coordinate deliveries with Order Processing Department
* Prepare orders for delivery driver
* Help prepare delivery board
* Provide Order Processing Department with stock/equipment orders
* Load daily orders
* Drive the company van and deliver daily orders to clients
* Place orders in cupboards on clients site as directed/where applicable
* Highlight any overstocking/understocking when making deliveries
* Collect order from suppliers
* Collect stock from ended contracts
* Monitor stock levels of all products including vacuum cleaners
* Inspect vacuum cleaners and repair if necessary
* Number/label all vacuums and equipment for inclusion on the asset register and pass to Customer Services Manager
* Ensuring stores area and car park is tidy and clean
* Complete mileage sheets to reconcile with fuel purchase and weekly mileage reading
* Keep the company van in good order, i.e., clean and tidy
* Ensure van is checked for oil, safe tyres etc
* Highlight and attend when van requires servicing
* Highlight any issues noted with van
* Complete monthly check of vehicle with Operations Manager
* Ensure safety test kit is checked and serviced annually
* Liaise with account managers where necessary
The ideal candidate will have the following skills:
* Valid UK driver’s license – no penalty points
* 2 Years driving experience
* Experience driving in London
* Positive attitude and able to work with minimal supervision