The world of social media

Managing a social media jobs board is time consuming.  Norwich Job Vacancies receives more than 19,000 unique visits every day, seven days a week.  Our Members are able to interact with us in a number of ways.  Comments, messages, and questions come in thick and fast.

We like that – it makes us accessible and meets one of our primary objectives; to be there to help people looking for work.  Not for profit, but because we were driven by that from the very beginning.  Occasionally we get asked questions that make us smile.  I think my favourite was the one from a Member interested in applying for a job as an air stewardess with a well-known airline operating out of Norwich Airport “Does this role involve travel?”

Social media is renowned for bad behaviour and we get that too on occasions.  But the vast majority of people that use our jobs boards are amazing and we lost count of the number of vacancies we have helped fill a long long time ago.  It’s the best feeling in the world when we get a thank you from someone who has been successful in finding a new job.  That makes it all worthwhile.

But whilst Gratis is an ethical business, we are still a business.  Advertising revenues enable us to provide the very best service to our Members on social media.  In turn these sites turbo-charge traffic to our own platform, Gratis Jobs.  It’s a highly effective formula.

We currently manage four social media jobs boards:-

  • Norwich Job Vacancies
  • Norfolk Job Vacancies
  • Suffolk Job Vacancies
  • Cambridge Job Vacancies

This year we’re planning to storm the rest of the UK.  If you are interested in working with us as a Partner then get in touch via the link below:-

Gary Barnes

7th July 2017