“The old-fashioned way”

There is a phrase I like to use when talking about Gratis and what it does – job advertising the old-fashioned way.  Given that Gratis Jobs is a 21st Century platform and operates via social media as well as a multitude of other online channels, that may seem confusing but it’s not.

You see, recruitment has become a very complex business.  There are a huge number of agencies, numerous specialist search engines, and a whole host of websites that now dominate traditional media.  In fact, what we see today is a highly lucrative industry.  And it’s all a bit confusing.

It didn’t used to be like that.  In the ‘good old days’ a firm would place a job advertisement in the local newspaper and people would apply.  Everyone read the newspaper back then.  It was simple and it was effective. 

That’s essentially what Gratis does but we do it on social media.  When was the last time you read the local newspaper? When was the last time you were on Facebook or Twitter?  Companies place their job advertisements with us just as they used to on traditional media.  Why?  Because that is where everyone is.

Our clients range from small local companies to national and even international businesses.  We work with recruitment agencies too.  The one thing they all have in common is that they recognise the power of social media in filling their vacancies.  And they know that Gratis is the market leader.

Gary Barnes

7th July 2017


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