Shortage of Skilled Trade Workers in the UK

With Freedom Day approaching, many companies hit hardest by Covid, are getting ready to hire and start trading at full capacity once more.

However, there’s one slight problem…turns out not only are we facing a shortage of Class 1 drivers but, according to Checkatrade, the UK is also facing a shortage of skilled trade workers.

Some say the Government should have done more to encourage young people with an interest in practical work to take up apprenticeships, as opposed to promoting university degrees as a ‘best option for all’.

Whilst a longer-term solution should involve taking a much-needed look at our education system and how it’s going to support future employers’ recruitment needs; right now we need a short term solution that will help SME’s fill their trade worker vacancies.

So what options do we have?

Mr Richard Harpin, the chief executive of Checkatrade, has suggested that the points system be changed to allow EU skilled trades workers to come back to the UK.

“Currently, if you’re an IT analyst, a vet or a graphic designer you can come back to the UK, but it doesn’t include bathroom fitters, kitchen installers, fencers, tree surgeons, locksmiths. There’s a very long list,” he said.

This seems like a sensible idea as demand for these kinds of workers has soared during the pandemic.

Here at Gratis we too have noticed the increase in vacancies for skilled trade workers and we understand how difficult it can be to fill those vacancies.

We do however have access to thousands of labourers and trade workers, actively looking for work, via our online channels and social media groups. So if you are looking for skilled labourers please do get in touch to see how we can help you.

If you are a school leaver and not sure what to do next, an apprenticeship or practical skills course may be a better option with the way things are currently.

Zan Nadeem – Director (Leicestershire & Northamptonshire)