Gratis offers two job advertising packages –

Standard 14 day listing £24.95

Premium 28 day listings £39.95

These listings are promoted on our social media channels and are guaranteed to receive a minimum 10,000 views (Standard) and 20,000 views (Premium) respectively.

Why go Premium?

Premium listings reach a wider audience because they –

Appear at the top of search results

Feature on our Home Page

Are live for twice as long as Standard listings Are promoted multiple times on social media

Not only that but if you fail to fill your Premium job vacancy the first time around we’ll relist it for free.

Gratis typically hosts around 60,000 jobs listings at any one time so going Premium really helps to ensure your listings stand out from the crowd.

Multi-buy Packages

You can buy multiple Standard and Premium job listing credits with no restriction on when they have to be used by –

10 x Standard 14 day listings @ £195

10 x Premium 28 day listings @ £295

Gratis 365

Our most cost-effective job advertising solution – unlimited listings on the Gratis website for one year at £1 per day payable in advance @


Please note that Gratis 365 listings are not individually promoted on our social media channels although we do signpost our followers to your listings periodically.

What to do next

Go to and select the appropriate job advertising package Click on ‘Listing Details’ to post your first job vacancy

Your listing will come through our system for approval.  Once approved you’ll receive a notification by email.

An invoice will be sent to you by separate email.


If you have any questions please email us


When placing an advertisement with Gratis Jobs you accept our Terms of Service.

All job advertising packages must be paid for upon receipt of invoice.

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Standard 14 day listing

  • Account Manager support
  • Promoted on social media
  • £24.95

Premium 28 day listing

  • Account Manager support
  • Promoted on social media
  • Features on our Homepage
  • Appears at top of search results
  •  £39.95

Multi-buy 10 Standard
14 day listings

  • 10 x Standard 14 day listing credits
  • No posting date restrictions
  • £195.00

Multi-buy 10 Premium
28 day listings

  • 10 x Premium 28 day listing credits
  • No  posting date restrictions
  • £295.00

Gratis 365

  • Single user registration
  • Unlimited 14 day listings on the Gratis Jobs website
  • Valid for one year
  • £365