Gratis offers cost-effective job advertising with a range of packages to suit every budget.

When you list a vacancy on the Gratis website we promote it to our audience on social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter*.  Take a look at just one of our Facebook Groups

* Please note that we do not actively promote free listings.

A Standard 14 day listing on the Gratis website costs just £24.95

OR opt for a Premium 28 day listing for £49.95

Premium listings feature on our Home Page and appear at the top of search results ensuring maximum visibility.

Wherever your job vacancy in the UK – we can fill it.

If you have lots of job vacancies and/or recruit throughout the year; consider Gratis 365.

Gratis 365 gives you unlimited 14 day listings on our website for one year.  Gratis 365 listings are not promoted individually on our social media channels but in bulk with a link to a list of your active job vacancies.  Gratis 365 costs just £365 – or £1 per day!

OR opt to place a FREE 7 day listing with us – we are called Gratis after all.  FREE listings rely on organic traffic only and are not promoted on social media.  However, there is no restriction on the number of FREE listings you can upload.

FINALLY – if you have an XML feed then talk to us about how we can integrate.  Email

FREE 7 day listing

  • £0.00

Premium 28 day listing

  • Account Manager support
  • Promoted on social media
  • Features on our Homepage
  • Appears at top of search results
  •  £49.95

Standard 14 day listing

  • Account Manager support
  • Promoted on social media
  • £24.95

Multi-buy 10 Premium
28 day listings

  • 10 x Premium 28 day listing credits
  • No  posting date restrictions
  • £395.00

Multi-buy 10 Standard
14 day listings

  • 10 x Standard 14 day listing credits
  • No posting date restrictions
  • £195.00

Gratis 365

  • Single user registration
  • Unlimited 14 day listings on the Gratis Jobs website
  • Valid for one year
  • £365

Gratis Refer

Finding good people to fill your job vacancies can be time consuming and expensive.  We have the solution – Gratis Refer.

Gratis Refer is similar to the ‘Recommend a friend’ scheme that many companies have introduced in recent years.  It’s cost-effective because you’re only charged if your job vacancy is filled. 

Simply send the details of your job vacancy to us at and we’ll do the rest –

  • We’ll list it on our website
  • We’ll promote it on our social media channels
  • We’ll forward the applications onto you for consideration

Gratis Refer operates on a competitive fixed-fee basis with no hidden charges. 

Our fixed-fee charges are –

£295 for an annual salary up to £20,000

£395 for an annual salary between £20,000 – £30,000

£495 for an annual salary above £30,000

You’ll only receive an invoice if one of the applicants forwarded to you by us is successfully appointed.

INTERESTED – email us today



Orders up to £195 automatically approved.  Orders above £195 approved on payment of invoice.  All orders to be paid on receipt of invoice. 

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit / debit card.  Please note we no longer accept cheque payments.

No hidden fees