Meet one of our Social Media Associates

Gratis began back in 2015 promoting local job vacancies in and around Norwich on social media.  We’ve grown a bit since then with offices across the country as far north as Inverness and as far south as – Southampton!  Whereas once we managed a couple of hundred listings on our website; now we typically manage 40,000+

But one thing has not changed – we still harness the power of social media to drive our business forward.

Our freelance Social Media Associates provide a national footprint; listing job vacancies on our website as well as marketing the Gratis brand, job advertising packages and services.  It’s a role that Javier Torrero (pictured) enjoys very much.

“In the mornings I like to make a cup of coffee and then sit at my desk and start working on my laptop” explained Javier “Before I know it the morning has gone!”

Like all Social Media Associates, Javier has two primary income streams – pay per click earnings on job listings and commission/fixed-fee payments on all sales.  Fresh from securing a fixed-fee payment of £100 on his latest sale, Javier said that he was ‘very happy’ with the result.

Originally from Spain, Javier works tirelessly listing job vacancies on the Gratis website and promoting them on social media “It’s very simple to use” he says of our primary platform.

The Social Media Associate role is home-based and the hours completely flexible.  After all – Gratis is a 24/7 business open 365 days of the year.  Like most of the team, Javier has a routine that fits around other commitments.

We asked Managing Director, Gary Barnes, what makes a great Social Media Associate.  He said “These are freelance positions so we are looking for people who are not afraid of hard work.  There is a common misconception that affiliate marketing is about getting rich quick.  It’s not – self-discipline and commitment are essential; especially because the Social Media Associates are home-based and it’s easy to get distracted.  What we actually need are more people just like Javier.”