Test Engineer

IntaPeople are proud to be partnered with an industry renowned consultancy for the acquisition of several fully automated Test Engineers capable of building a framework.

As a Testers you will be involved in engagements such as:

Testing a secure cloud platform that enables clients to stand up new environments in weeks instead of months

Coaching test integration in new and exciting areas, such as Machine Learning and AI

Consulting on test automation, testable design, and shift left for new and established teams

Championing good practice within an established team to support their ongoing improvement.

Test engineering in multiple industries using a range of technologies (e.g. C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc)

Continuous quality culture improvement in large and small organizations

Working with clients to help discover what their testing needs really are

Are you:

A tester with 3+ years’ experience – you enjoy working with your team to ensure responsible delivery, not just focusing on a narrow niche

Keen to learn new technologies and languages – you can pick up new skills as quickly as practical

Comfortable operating in an agile environment

Adaptable, open-minded, and willing to try new techniques and ways of working

Interested in applying novel techniques and tools to existing processes

Passionate about technology, driving change, and improving things

Capable of sharing knowledge through informal sessions, actively engaging other disciplines to build better understanding and improve the effectiveness of how we work together

Confident in your ability to engineer automation in testing for a wide range of projects, not just API and UI

Apply below or email (url removed)