Residential Manager

Permanent Full Time

Our client is currently looking for a Resident Manager that will be primarily responsible for ensuring the good management of the Retirement Home. In this role you will ensure that service standards are achieved within Property Management’s company policy, and that legislative and regulatory and best practice requirements are met. The Resident Manager is not responsible for the health and wellbeing of the residents or for the upkeep of the individual demised properties.

* The Resident Manager will be on duty in the manager’s office during specified times each weekday to be available to residents to deal with non-urgent matters.

* These are currently 9am-5pm Monday-Friday with an hour lunch break daily but may be subject to change by mutual agreement.

* The Resident Manager will be required to carry out weekly observations using the Resident Manager Observation Checklist (Appendix A) and must report in writing any maintenance issues noted to the HLM Property Manager responsible for the site.

* The Resident Manager will provide the Property Manager with regular notice in advance of planned activities in the communal lounge area for the coming month(s). The activities must not involve any monetary prizes and should be chosen by mutual agreement between the Resident Manager /residents.

* The Resident Manager will keep the external communal gardens free from rubbish.

* The Resident Manager will keep a daily diary electronically. This will include but is not limited to: a record of all telephone calls / maintenance issues / record of contactors’ visits and general site observations.

Daily duties will include:

* Tidy and clear up of the communal lounge, kitchenette, utility area and WC
Ensure all appliances are switched off

* Ensure all cutlery and equipment in communal areas are clean, safe and in good working order

* Ensure all paperwork and documents are held securely in accordance with GDPR requirements

* Ensure the main communal door and windows are locked shut at the end of each working day

Weekly duties will include:

* testing of external bib tap by running the water for 10 minutes

* weekly fire alarm testing

* Visual fire extinguisher inspection

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