Research Laboratory Assistant (Food)

Research Laboratory Technician

CV 39352



This is an excellent opportunity to join a global business with manufacturing sites in Asia

The role

The role of Research Assistant is to support the development of new applications pipelines, from the assessing customers’ requirements through to application development.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Working with internal and external sources to expand knowledge and experience of enzyme use in the production processes and customer requirements;

* Developing new applications to meet new or existing customer requirements;

* Developing new techniques with HPLC, GC, and other appropriate technology (including mass spectrometry );

* Preparing samples for analysis or testing;

* Selecting and adapting the most appropriate methods and techniques from a variety of possibilities;

* Independently performing tests or analyses using a variety of methods and techniques, which may require solving problems inherent with the methodology; calculating results, evaluating findings and determining need for further analysis; preparing comprehensive reports which document methodology, evaluating findings and explaining other information pertinent to the analysis

Qualifications and experience:

* A minimum of an MSc in biochemistry though a degree in food science is preferable;

* Understanding of characteristic of chemicals from their name/formulating is necessary;

* Experience of using HPLC, GC and/or MS would be required;

* Understanding/experience of general food industry production processes and requirements would be advantageous;

* Application / product development/ Analysis experience within food production industry is necessary.

* Knowledge of enzymes and applications of enzymes in the food industry would be advantageous