Job Title: Registered Manager

Accountable to: Responsible Individual & Board of Directors

Responsible for: Seniors & Residential Support Workers,Admin staff

Hours of Work: 40 hours per week

Salary: Competitive

Purpose of the role:

To be responsible for shaping and delivering the residential home’s Statement of Purpose and managing the team to achieve the same.

To provide high quality care services that supports the needs of the residents, to be an advocate for their well-being and to provide strong, motivational leadership to staff.

Duties and responsibilities:

* To manage our Children Home and ensure the efficient operation of the service in accordance with the relevant legislation, procedures, policies, and the Statement of Purpose for the home.

* To produce a development plan for the service that ensures the delivery of high quality, clinically informed practice.

* To support and challenge staff to achieve the highest standards of care for our children.

* To lead, co-ordinate, and manage our care planning procedures and administrative functions of the home and evaluate standards of performance.

* To lead in the assessment, action planning and review of our Children needs in line with policies and procedures.

* Ensure the safer recruitment and induction of new employees.

* To contribute to a comprehensive staff training and development programme to enable the service to have available all necessary skills and levels of expertise to meet the needs of the young people.

* To contribute to the development of appropriate relationships with and between staff, young people, and other stakeholders.

* Liaise with the various internal and external multi-disciplinary teams and commissioning authorities to ensure that the care needs of new and existing residents are met.

* To chair meetings, reviews, and discussions as necessary.

* To always ensure that professional ethics and behaviour are always demonstrated by all staff. Actively co-ordinate the service provision and be a focal point for support, advice and coaching to all staff within the Home.

* To ensure that all staff receive direct leadership and management, probation reviews, supervision, support, and appraisal.

* To organise duty rotas to ensure that the needs of the young people are always met.

* To ensure that the Company’s financial and administrative procedures are adhered to and to work within a set budget.

* Ensure all clinical practices and medication processes within the home are conducted in line with legislation and company policies.

* Responsibility for safeguarding and promoting individual rights and wellbeing of our children.

* To be accountable and take responsibility for liaising with regulatory organisations.

* Ensure all necessary documentation required by regulators is completed on time and to a high standard.

* To promote appropriate and therapeutic relationships between staff and young people and their families, promoting the children and young people’s involvement and participation in the day-to-day life of the Home.

* Lead the On-Call support for the team.

* Maintain a clean and safe environment; ensure that the physical state of the building is maintained to a high standard and that all repair/maintenance problems are dealt with promptly.

* To participate in a range of corporate and management activities as defined by the Operations Manager.

* Any other such duties as may be required from time to time by the Operations Manager

* Ensure that safe working practices are always employed by all staff in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work legislation. And co-operate with designated personnel exercising their responsibilities in relation to the Health and Safety at Work Act.

This job description is not intended to be a complete list of duties and responsibilities but indicates some of the main areas attached to the post of Registered Children Home Manager.

This job description may be amended from time to time, to take account of changing trends in social care relevant legislation, together with Employment Law.

If there is any part of the above job description which the post holder is unsure of, they must discuss this with their Line Manager at the earliest opportunity

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