Plasma Turbulence Modeller

What will you be responsible for?

Working in a collaborative team contributing to an ambitious endeavour, you will be responsible for:

* Exploiting advanced gyrokinetic codes that are capable of modelling turbulence in high beta burning Spherical Tokamak (ST) plasmas (leadership in higher level)

* Validating models by comparing simulations with data from MAST-U and other experiment (leadership in higher level)

* Exploiting codes to simulate turbulence, and use these simulations to:

* predict turbulence and transport in conceptual high beta burning STs

* predict performance and explore routes to optimise ST reactor designs

* improve reduced transport models that can be used in predictive transport codes.

* Guiding work by less experienced researchers (in higher level role)

* Reporting results regularly via reports, and presentations both internally and to collaborators.

* Disseminating outputs at conferences and in journals where appropriate.

* Collaborating with GK modellers and developers based at UKAEA and in external collaborating organisations and submit bids for HPC resource