Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

We’ve split these into four sections –

  1. About Gratis 
  2. Information for advertisers 
  3. Information for applicants 
  4. Information about working with us 

1. About Gratis 

1.1 How long has Gratis been operating?

Gratis began as a free service (hence the name) back in late 2015.  We started by sharing information on local job vacancies via social media.  In late 2017 our website was established.

1.2 Where is Gratis based?

We’re based in Norwich.

1.3 What area does Gratis cover?

We operate throughout the East of England but occasionally take on national campaigns too.

1.4 How does Gratis work?

Advertisers post their job vacancies on our website and we promote them on social media.

1.5 How many followers does Gratis have on social media?

At the time of writing we have around 100,000 followers on social media, predominantly Facebook.

1.6 What other services do you offer?

We use our specialist knowledge of social media to manage Facebook Pages for other companies.  Likes, shares and follows drive sales and raise brand awareness.

We also offer a CV writing service. The current charge for that service is £39.95

2. Information for advertisers 

2.1 How much does it cost to advertise with Gratis?

A Standard 14 day listing on our website costs just £45.  A Premium 14 day listing costs £95.

However, we have a number of advertising packages that are available.  You’ll find more information HERE

2.2 What are the advantages of going Premium?

For most job vacancies our Standard 14 day listing is just what you need.  However, some specialist roles or for those where recruitment is traditionally challenging, you might want to consider going Premium.

Premium 14 day listings –

  •  Feature on our Home Page
  •  Are ‘sticky’ meaning that they appear at the top of search results
  •  Are ‘announced’ (as opposed to simply posted) on our social media channels (this is a new Facebook feature that enables us to reach a larger audience)
  • Include a free re-listing if not filled first time round

2.3 What is Gratis 365?

Gratis 365 is an advertising package that enables you to post unlimited listings on our website for 12 months for £1 per day.

This package does not include social media marketing and relies on organic traffic to our website – around 25,000+ visitors every day.

2.4 What is Gratis Refer?

Gratis Refer is our ‘Recommend a Friend’ advertising package.  You’re able to post a free listing on our site and applications are channelled through us to you.  A (fixed) fee only becomes payable if you successfully appoint a candidate recommended by us.

2.5 How do I pay for an advertisement?

When you have listed your job vacancy is comes through to us for approval.  Once approved you’ll receive a notifcation that it is live on our site.  You’ll then receive an invoice by separate email that can be paid by bank transfer or most debit / credit cards.  We do not accept cheques.

2.6 What are your payment terms?

Our invoices become due on receipt.  However, we appreciate that (particularly in larger companies) there may be a short delay.

2.7 How many people will see my advertisement?

That very much depends on the type of job you are advertising and which package you have selected.  Generally, we would expect a Standard listing to receive a minimum 20,000+ views and Premium 50,000+ views.

2.8 How large is your audience?

Currently –

  •  25,000+ visitors to our website every day
  •  50,000+ visitors to our social media channels every day

The key point to bear in mind is that these visitors are local to your area and actively looking for a new job.

2.9 How do candidates apply through your site?

On many job sites candidates are able to register and then apply with their CV for multiple vacancies via a simple ‘1 click’ button.

However, we don’t offer that service because we believe it results in a high number of poor quality applications.  Instead, our candidates are given an application email address or a link to your website with all of the information they need to apply online.  This tends to encourage serious candidates only.

You also have the option to allow candidates to apply via telephone.

2.10 What if I am having technical difficulties?

We’re on hand 24/7 to help.  Just call your nearest office (see our Home Page) or in an emergency/out of office hours 07501 457127

Or email – average response time 5 minutes

2.11 Are you able to list my job vacancies?

Yes.  We’re more than happy to list your job vacancies for you.  This applies to all Standard/Premium packages including Multi-buys as well as Gratis Refer. However, we do not offer this service with Gratis 365/Gratis Unlimited.

3. Information for applicants 

3.1 Am I able to register my CV with you?

Yes and no.  You can register your CV with us via this link Gratis Refer

We’ll then recommend you for suitable job vacancies to companies signed-up to our Gratis Refer advertising package.  Please read the Terms & Conditions on our website.  You’re able to withddraw from Gratis Refer at any point by emailing us

You cannot register your CV via the Gratis website.

3.2 How do I apply for jobs on the Gratis website?

All listings on our site have an ‘APPLY’ button.  This will usually be an email address to send a CV and covering letter to or a link to an employer’s website from where you can apply online.

Occasionally you will find a telephone number to call.

3.3 I don’t have a CV can you supply one?

Yes, email for more information.  We charge £39.95 for this service.  You will receive your CV in PDF/Word format.

3.4 I am having technical difficulties, can you help?

All of the links on our website are checked and re-checked to make sure that they are working properly.  If you are experiencing difficulty it will almost certainly be that the device you are using is incompatible with the website you are trying to access.  We would recommend trying a different device or clearing down your cache.  Failing that you should go into the relevant website via your usual search engine.

Please note that we are unable to provide 1-2-1 support with technical difficulties as tens of thousands of people use our service every day.

3.5 I’d like more information on the job advertised, can you help?

Possibly, depending on the question. Generally, if you’re looking for additional information about pay, conditions etc you would be better contacting the advertiser directly.

3.6 How do I receive notifications/job alerts?

The best way for you to be notified as and when new jobs are posted on our website is to follow us on social media.  Gratis has Facebook Pages and Groups all over the East of England.

New job vacancies are posted on our website every day so make sure you check back regularly using the search facility on our Home Page.

4. Information about working with us

4.1 How could I start my own job advertising business with Gratis?

We’re currently looking to extend our operations beyond East Anglia.  If you are interested in running your own job advertising business under our umbrella then you’ll find all of the information you need HERE

4.2 Would you be able to manage our Facebook Page?

Yes, we’d be delighted to get involved with you – whatever business you are in.  Simply drop us an email to see what we could do to improve your likes, follows, shares and (most importantly) sales.

4.3 Is it possible to advertise other products / services with Gratis?

Yes, email and we’ll send across some information.